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Oppdal Skisenter stretches over four mountains and consist of 35 slopes and 13 lifts. 


Different slopes tailored to your skill level. 


Green slopes: Beginner- very easy slopes 

Blue slopes: Beginner/ Intermediate – easy slopes 

Red slopes: Intermediate – demanding slopes 

Black slopes: Expert – very demanding slopes 


Slopes measured in km: 55 km 

Longest slope: 3100 m  

Biggest height difference:  605 m 

Loypekart Oppdal skisenter.jpg
Vangslia, Oppdal skisenter.jpg


A perfect starting point for a nice day skiing. Vangslia is known for its good sun conditions and diverse slopes. Here you find slopes for everyone, either it’s in the park, family area or in steeper terrain.  


We are also proud to present Northern Europe´s most modern ​chairlift, established in 2019.  


  • Family friendly 

  • Terrain park  

  • Highest point 1195 m. 

  • Chairlifts, t-bar lift, button lift and children´s lift. 

  • Difficulty: Black, red, blue and green slopes 

  • Places to eat: Storstuggu and Onkel Pudder 

Stølen, Oppdal skisenter.jpg


A beautiful skiing area for those who focus on skiing. Stølen offers diverse slopes, and often deliver powder snow for legendary skiing days.  


The children´s slope in Stølen is perfect for beginners on skis and snowboard.  


  • Familiy friendly 

  • Highest point 1280 m. 

  • T-bar and button lift  

  • Difficulty: Red, blue and green slopes 

  • Places to eat: Rockoss  

Hovden, Oppdal skisenter.jpg


Hovden is located right by the centre of Oppdal. It is ranked as one of the best slopes among freeriders and 
racing skiiers in Norway.  


Hovden is referred to as The Hill; a skiing area the users really care about. This is where skiing legends are born.  


The lift carries you to 1125 m, and when the powder alarm goes off you will want to sit on the first seat.  


  • Steep, good possibilities for freeriding and racing 

  • Highest point  1125 m. 

  • Chairlift  

  • Difficulty: Black slope 

  • Places to eat:  The Hill 1125 



When the Northwestern winds have ravaged and left white gold all over Oppdal, Ådalen turns into one of Norways best areas for freeriding.  


As well as being an eldorado for all powder seeking skiers, Ådalen has two groomed slopes. It also offers some beautiful scenery. That’s why we argue that Ådalen is like a Kinder egg, containing untouched snow, floating slopes and beautiful mountains.  


  • Unique possibilities for freeriding and off- piste 

  • Highest point 1260 m. 

  • T-bar lift 

  • Difficulty: Red and blue slopes 

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