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Ski- and Snowboard rentals 

Our ski rental is located in Servicebygget by the t-bar lift in Vangslia 


For questions please contact us at: 

Tlf: +47 72 40 44 80 



There is also ski rental services by the chairlift in Vangslia:

Onkel Pudder +47 483 13 100 (possible to reserve equipment)

and in Stølen:

Stølen Skiutleie +47 934 10 510

They have rentals for alpine, snowboard, telemark, randonee, cross country.


Price list 21/22: 


Insurance terms- rented equipment: 

  • Insurance is taken out when renting equipment  

  • The insurance covers damage and theft, and has a deductible of kr 300 (children) and 700 (adults) 

  • The insurance covers damage that occurs when skiing in open and groomed slopes, theft and loss of skiing equipment.  

  • The insurance does not cover damage that occurs due to negligent and reckless use, including skiing on roads, parking lots or outside groomed slopes.  

  • The insurance only covers skis, snowboards and snowblades. It does not cover shoes, poles, helmets etc.  

  • Equipment must be locked inside at night (inside cabin, apartment or other lockable storage). Cars and ski boxes are not considered approved storage.   

  • The ski rental should be contacted as soon as possible if theft or damage occurs. In the event of theft, the renter must report it to the police, and a copy of the report must be submitted.  

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